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We are Strangers(poem)

I see you in my hearta little of melancholy,it dropshere, I crave for kissesthere,you crave for loveday and night,we oughtwhere eyes don’t witness this burning crushFate, it’s toxic for usdrowning me to abyssand knots the tie of tearsin the air.. Though, love fluttersseeking for couplesOh! Poor loveyou are blind,here we eaten by terrible fate!‘Stay’I sayContinue reading “We are Strangers(poem)”

Don’t know when (poem)

Hy folks.This is my first poetry attempt.I found poetic language too tough and often bewildering.This is just a self reflection of my mistakes.Kindly forgive my flaws🙏🤗. Don’t know when it beganIt dwells within me nowA feeling worth a tapozIs that you, my love?No,you aren’t my loveYou are as fragile as con promiseYou are as filthyContinue reading “Don’t know when (poem)”