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Nothing can change the past.

I wish to visit my past again to correct my mistakes,to endeavour my goals,to have time with my loved ones,to know where did I lost and to realize everything.But nothing can take me there,no one can and nowhere I go to back up my splendid life I lived.Sometimes I like to go back to myContinue reading “Nothing can change the past.”

Inevitable part of life but don’t know how

Music invades soul.The universal fact is that nobody knows what’s the intuition behind this everlasting ardour.Somehow it passes from generations to generations.Maybe it existed from Adam’s age itself & it lives far beyond decades.There’s no such thing on earth that I’ve binged on like this.Sometimes it plays with brain.By twisting the melancholies,defeating the callousness,beckoning aContinue reading “Inevitable part of life but don’t know how”

Why smile is so magical?

Beauty lies in happiness😊 Unknown Among all the living beings,humans are blessed with a natural magic curve on their face known as smile🙂.Either you turn up that curve or you keep it as such,it’s up to you.This one curve,carved out from an unknown magician in the world can do wonders.Not only because this makes oneContinue reading “Why smile is so magical?”