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Why smile is so magical?

Beauty lies in happiness๐Ÿ˜Š

Twinkling stars are just on their faces.

Among all the living beings,humans are blessed with a natural magic curve on their face known as smile๐Ÿ™‚.Either you turn up that curve or you keep it as such,it’s up to you.This one curve,carved out from an unknown magician in the world can do wonders.Not only because this makes one beautiful but also it cures the hatred among us.Wonder how?Well you can fake it thereby congrats! you spoiled something elegant!!

Isn’t it feel so cruel,guyz?

You don’t need to go anywhere to seek the pure beauty if you can just put on a curve on your face,which worth trillions! Sometimes you don’t need to say sorry,all you do is just put on a curve;simplest language in the world.Oh ya… everything is alright..

We do have a special place in our heart for our love ones, don’t we?but you don’t need to show up that just get a sec to put on this curve by the way never hide it.

Suicide:a growing trauma in society

“I never lose.I either win or learn.”

Nelson Mandela

I’ve heard stories from my childhood about a phenomenon called SUICIDE.If you are fed up with your life and you pledge upon your heart GOD,I’AM USELESS then you are gonna take your breath away.HA HA HA…well,don’t you have a sec to think that what you’ve done is a bane to yourself?.WHO GAINS BY THIS PHENOMENON?I used to think that if people who committed suicide get a second chance to live they will search this answer all around the world in quest.

Well,why I call this as phenomenon? Even while writing this I ask to myself then I got the answer.Because its a typical way of escaping from our own life and now it turned up to be the fastest growing mentality among people especially teens. We all know the fact that nothing lasts forever even then the decisions we make at a particular point of time overpowers our will.Nothing can make you win and nothing can make you loose,our life itself is temporary.Students easily fall prey to this phenomenon.They can’t stand with the reality of life whatever we wish, it must happen.How can a star shine without darkness?The more you fail the more you seek.Never end up your life by slipping into this kind of phenomenon.I’m hoping our future generation won’t writes off suicide as a phenomenon.This growing trauma can be healed if there is necessary medication.But there is only one way that is