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We are Strangers(poem)

I see you in my hearta little of melancholy,it dropshere, I crave for kissesthere,you crave for loveday and night,we oughtwhere eyes don’t witness this burning crushFate, it’s toxic for usdrowning me to abyssand knots the tie of tearsin the air.. Though, love fluttersseeking for couplesOh! Poor loveyou are blind,here we eaten by terrible fate!‘Stay’I sayContinue reading “We are Strangers(poem)”

Second Chances;Is it hard?

The most expected and daily customers of life are mistakes.Sometimes it’s on purpose and sometimes we never know.As a matter of fact,it dwells within each of us and expel to the air which others intake.I admit,I’ve injected many toxic particles in that air but I’m remorsed now.Someone said “love is in the air ”maybe that’sContinue reading “Second Chances;Is it hard?”

A psychological game

We all swaying in a flow of water,not for certain where it ends.We meet many in this flow,will our acquaintance persist?If it is,then the game starts.. In my opinion,the root of the world’s best psychological game arises from our own tongue.(don’t think I’m crazy😂).Did you get that,hey you??Wonder,how your tongue becomes a psychological game? Yes.IContinue reading “A psychological game”

Don’t know when (poem)

Hy folks.This is my first poetry attempt.I found poetic language too tough and often bewildering.This is just a self reflection of my mistakes.Kindly forgive my flaws🙏🤗. Don’t know when it beganIt dwells within me nowA feeling worth a tapozIs that you, my love?No,you aren’t my loveYou are as fragile as con promiseYou are as filthyContinue reading “Don’t know when (poem)”

This is insane🥴😵

I’ve been through the gates of hell but couldn’t fathom where I was wrong.I found myself forced by the gravity of uncanny and spooky waves.It flashed out the most painful & jeopardizing hour.I was living my life sumptuously and see me now,here,in this dark abyss where daylight is just a memory and darkness gluttonously swallowingContinue reading “This is insane🥴😵”

What gaps teach us..

What’s your idea about a friendship?Love to infinity and beyond,be there when in need,uplift each other,sometimes a honey tongue also requires,joke and lol…but it’s far beyond that.We never hated a person who we never loved.In friendship too,sometimes those trivial fights and unnecessary arguments are kinda needed.It doesn’t mean to break our bonds but concretes theContinue reading “What gaps teach us..”

The Liebster Award

I’m very much delighted and honoured to have this prestigious Liebster Award.Still I’m totally unaware of the fact that how did I make this!! My heartfelt gratitude to Akshita Bansal,who found the authenticity in my writing and thereby nominated me for this award.Dear Akshita,I’m astonished when that notification hit my phone.It’s like the best ofContinue reading “The Liebster Award”

We do need help!

I’ve read a book today.The book which intrigued me from the blurb itself & I was really into this because the theme was a socio-relevant one.I’m pretty sure most of you have already watched.It is streaming on Netflix titled in the same name“13 Reasons why“.But this is not a review,I just felt few things aboutContinue reading “We do need help!”