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Second Chances;Is it hard?

The most expected and daily customers of life are mistakes.Sometimes it’s on purpose and sometimes we never know.As a matter of fact,it dwells within each of us and expel to the air which others intake.I admit,I’ve injected many toxic particles in that air but I’m remorsed now.Someone said “love is in the air ”maybe that’s why we spit mistakes into it and often becomes the root cause of bond breaking.I never know to what extend my mistakes would lead the person to break their heart especially when it has sharp edges that can poke.

I wish….If I had a second chance 😣

What if I get a time machine and rewind the past,change my decisions??I know it isn’t possible.So what I need is a second chance,which reflects the sins I’ve committed and rectify it.

Second Chances….So easy to say but definitely not simple as it spells.It can do wonders if we have the heart to pardon.Don’t know how this gonna transform a person.I’m a person who give second chances to people but they dare to smack again then ‘second‘ will be the last number as per my mathematics.

Yes, second chances are hard to give like plucking your heart and see it bleeding then fix it back again.But nothing equalize to the pain you have suffered once.

I wish to know your views and opinions about Second Chances.If you feel don’t forget to drop it in the comments ☺️🤗

Published by Grudging Fret

Here's an abyss filled with unexpressed creativity and infinite tragedic myths that could turn up into a hurricane.

4 thoughts on “Second Chances;Is it hard?

  1. For me to give second chance is really tough !!! I mean you just broke my trust once , now how do I regain my trust to give you the second chance 💖💖💖

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