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A psychological game

We all swaying in a flow of water,not for certain where it ends.We meet many in this flow,will our acquaintance persist?If it is,then the game starts..

In my opinion,the root of the world’s best psychological game arises from our own tongue.(don’t think I’m crazy😂).Did you get that,hey you??Wonder,how your tongue becomes a psychological game?

Yes.I mean it.Our tongue has a magical and mysterical power to change one’s mind by making an impact on them.We say,they hear,they think,they judge,they act.The very idea of motivational speaking is a perfect example how a tongue doing miracles but for some like me,never mind at all😁😂.But it’s not what I’m gonna put here.The impact others make in our life is something astronomical.Some comes to our life and changes our life which we would never expect but all processes are very dynamic,my dear.The good saplings that others put in our life does a transformation unknowingly.These psychological games play an inevitable part in the future of a mentally prepared society.But what if these powers are used by a grinch?We never know how worse would be the impact.

Remember,you have something special in your mouth that can carve out a Ruby worth thing.Never misuse it.Let’s play this psychological game ethically and dutifully.If you don’t mind,can you just look back at the highlighted sentence in the picture I inserted 😊?

Published by Grudging Fret

Here's an abyss filled with unexpressed creativity and infinite tragedic myths that could turn up into a hurricane.

7 thoughts on “A psychological game

    1. Aww🤗🤗I’m very much happy you nominated me.But currently I can’t reciprocate to this.Im sorry and please don’t feel offended.Its just that my exams are on the way and I hafta put a lot on that…btw thank you so much for this sweet nomination ♥️♥️


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