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Don’t know when (poem)

Hy folks.This is my first poetry attempt.I found poetic language too tough and often bewildering.This is just a self reflection of my mistakes.Kindly forgive my flaws🙏🤗.

Don’t know when it began
It dwells within me now
A feeling worth a tapoz
Is that you, my love?
No,you aren’t my love
You are as fragile as con promise
You are as filthy as liar’s tongue
You wounded me with perpetual bruises
But you are sweet though

You were the hydrogen
And I oxygen
We blended to and fro
Water,we wished for
Despite of our futile bond
You cared for me
And to me,a closed portrait you were
You seeked the abyss in my heart where none ever
You were the chthonic masterpiece
For I never fathom
I,a clueless creature blindly fluttering with you
Where did you go wrong,my love?
I eagerly step on to your dark mirror
For I need the old you
The old feels the best
Please come back, my Romeo..

Published by Grudging Fret

Here's an abyss filled with unexpressed creativity and infinite tragedic myths that could turn up into a hurricane.

21 thoughts on “Don’t know when (poem)

  1. ♡ As a Writer I Understand the importance of NOT!!! Giving a Fuck about what anyone else THINKS!!! about My Words as My Words come from My Heart and My Head is Simply a Delivery Mechanism; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that The Toughest Challenge for Creatives is DO NOT!!! JUDGE WHAT YOU!!! CREATE…so, when in doubt, I Suggest Observe Children before Kids ARE Conditioned in to Robots, Sheep et al who Appreciate ALL of YOUR!!! “Poetic” Creations; “Poetry” has NO!!! Rules except Haiku Due to The Purity of Honourable Discipline of the Japanese, even then One Can Break The Rules 😜


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