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This is insane🥴😵

I’ve been through the gates of hell but couldn’t fathom where I was wrong.I found myself forced by the gravity of uncanny and spooky waves.It flashed out the most painful & jeopardizing hour.I was living my life sumptuously and see me now,here,in this dark abyss where daylight is just a memory and darkness gluttonously swallowing me.

I could hardly heed the lullabies of my mother,I could hardly see the toddling me,I could hardly see the first steps to school,I could hardly feel the solitude of first day in school,I could hardly see the achievements,I could hardly see everything but……

I clearly see the real mini-me now.I see my sins who were just timekillers,I thought.I realized that there’s some place far beyond death that gonna really count everything.Is this even reliable?No,let it be a nightmare…I wish

Published by Grudging Fret

Here's an abyss filled with unexpressed creativity and infinite tragedic myths that could turn up into a hurricane.

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