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We do need help!

I’ve read a book today.The book which intrigued me from the blurb itself & I was really into this because the theme was a socio-relevant one.I’m pretty sure most of you have already watched.It is streaming on Netflix titled in the same name“13 Reasons why“.But this is not a review,I just felt few things about it,the trauma.

Hannah Baker,a teenage girl commits suicide and why she did is a mystery.The story goes on with some tapes in which she recorded her audio and specifically it says 13 reasons behind her death.If you’re hearing to this,then you’re one of the reasons why.Don’t worry.Anyway I’m not gonna narrate the whole story.I just want to ponder the traumas that a typical teenager is going through and how to slay it.

Sometimes we keep on sticking to ourselves.We don’t let others to our space and that’s how it should be.We do have our own spaces.But what if we can’t handle ourselves?What if our depressions exceeds our limit?What if we find no way to cure?We must seek our trustworthy ones.But often find it hard to smack.Again we do try.

What I was going to convey is simple.Let’s not have that “over-confidence“that we can manage everything in person.We need assistance not always but at least once in lifetime.No one has ever live his life without any help.If he did then he must be any Alien or Avenger.Even avenger needed help too.Right?They united to smash away Thanos.

I just thought if I were in Hannah’s shoes, definitely I go for someone who listens so that I’ll be devoid of my stress.Not utterly but at least partially.A typical teenager can’t meet up the ends his/her own.That’s the fact.That’s exactly what the author conveys.They need good listeners,parents,teachers.All should work hand in hand to reciprocate their depressions in the accurate way.I wrote about suicide trauma few days back but after reading this book.I was in quest to acknowledge everyone who read this.We don’t want any other teenagers who end up like Hannah!

Wishing you the best days ahead..

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21 thoughts on “We do need help!

  1. Self-help books and motivational videos should help to an extent. Familial love and support might be able to pull us out of our lows. Finally, it is upto us, whether we are ready to face that ‘depression demon’ head-on or succumb to the pressure. Seeking professional help shouldn’t be considered a taboo or a shameful act.

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  2. I’ve heard of this book but haven’t read it. It’s a very difficult topic and I know it addresses struggles faced by a lot of people. I read one that was its counter-part with 13 seemingly hopeless true stories with teenagers with similar situations that had good endings and amazing transformations. I know both happen, but I just like to focus on the ones that point out hope and the possibility of healing.

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  3. Such a beautiful post. Your advice is excellent. We all need help and sometimes it can come from similarly listening and devoting our attention on the person talking. Just knowing that someone is there for you can be comforting to a person going through challenges. Thank you for sharing. Take care.

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  4. You make some excellent points. I couldn’t handle reading the book and I definitely will not see the documentary. Too depressing. It is important information. There are so many deep issues why someone would take their life.

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