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A conversation between earth and mars

After centuries,human beings started to invade MARS for their survival..

Earth:I’ve carried all of them for years.I’ve tolerated every injustified acts and aggressive battles.But they went on wreckling me,tearing me to pieces,choking,dripping down to death.

(silently sobbing)

Their rage got expired on me.Now they are coming for you..

Mars:Oh my friend,they all the same.Nothing can change them.I’m afraid now the count down is on me and I can hear its echo so dreadfully binding my air.Eventually my demise.

Earth:Even though they exploited me I can never leave them,my kids.No mother can leave their children stranded even if they are ungrateful.The pain of her heart is perpetual and unconditional.Now they are away after their use.

Mars:Don’t worry my friend,they will never understand you after all.They cared for nothing except for themselves.They just used you for their own domination.They polluted you,stabbed you,murdered you to bleed,cracking all your bones,edges, and finally put you alone in an abysmal where solitude kills you to the final step.

Earth:I don’t know where did my children go wrong.I was there whenever they are in need,gave them shelter,food,water,everything they asked for.Why didn’t they see me shedding tears,hear me screaming,touch my swelling injuries?Maybe greed would have made them blind.My friend,please tell me where they went wrong?

Mars:I’ve been witnessing all the discriminations for decades.They were quenchlessly beating you down for supremacy.All they wanted was money.For that,they constructed factories,made unethical inventions,thrown plastics on your divine soil,boosted your air with poisons.Now it’s my turn.Wait and watch me slaughtered.For them,the eternal greed persist.

Earth:Let them do whatever they can.Let’s be quiet.We are meant to tolerate and it’s our duty to provide safety inhabitation for them.Eventually they realize how much I valued them.

(both crying)

My children,the eye of my apple. Please come back. Your mother is sobbing for you. Maternity’s divine touch is awaiting…

Published by Grudging Fret

Here's an abyss filled with unexpressed creativity and infinite tragedic myths that could turn up into a hurricane.

18 thoughts on “A conversation between earth and mars

  1. It’s so touching. This conversation between earth and mars, I just don’t have words to express my feelings for now. But I’m impressed by your writing and thoughts thank you very much for such a good and heart touching article.🙏🙏😇😇😇🧚🧚

    Liked by 3 people

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