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Don’t be insane by incoherence.

The invention of mobile phones had laid down an upheaval transformation in the saga of communication.The way to connect with people was something bizarre for the ancient men and now it became inescapable part of life.The tremendous network is a source but it can be appalling if not used in proper way.We can construct our own world in this web no matter who we are, what we are ,how we are ,thus admired by all of us.Its just that you need enough money for data and that’s all.Within the four corners of a room,we can peep out to a planet of connections and reciprocities.But not for sure to what extend it makes you to explore.You may wander to the extreme end or you may not its up to you.

We just cared more about connecting the world than anyone else.And we still do today.

Mark Zuckerberg

Here I’ll take you to a deranged social media user….After posting your pic in social media the next step is to check out the likes.If you won’t get any likes within 5 minutes,there the wrath.Why I’m not getting?Aren”t I cute in this pic?Or too posy?Maybe they wouldn’t have seen it..Somebody like please…

After 5 minutes,

There I got 5 likes.So I’m snatched in this.Oh God,people started to heed me.But still 0 comments better wait it out.

After a while,someone commented “Stunning as Victoria Secret Model!!”

Thank you so much…that knocks my socks off!(above all heavens)

She is one of us or maybe she is me.I don’t know from where I get this psychic vibrations when I see a like notification.Something triggers the fake twofold in me & it hides the real me so that I can’t come up with insecurities.This web don’t want my insecurities.All it needs a well filtered pic that can make me gorgeous in looks.

I know you can’t part with that.But there exist still some people who exaggerate social media.What these likes to do with our life are meaningless.Do we need someone’s comment to know ourselves?Let it be a timekiller for us & not something which leads to any mental disorders.Like someone said I’ve a 1000 friends on facebook but don’t have one in real life.There are many people to compliment and criticize on web but you should be fortunate if you’ve a true one in real life.Let’s not get overpowered by these likes or comments.Even if you don’t receive likes on your post,give it yourself.Because only we know what we really are.Cheer up yourself!Its not the end of world.

Thank you so much for reading.

Published by Grudging Fret

Here's an abyss filled with unexpressed creativity and infinite tragedic myths that could turn up into a hurricane.

10 thoughts on “Don’t be insane by incoherence.

  1. One like from me!!
    It’s a issue of concern to core. The falsely constructed world and often easily accessible validation from other people. Creating success, recognition and relationships in real world is a grinding, boring task but it matters much much more. Unfortunately so many people are getting addicted to social media, that real world has become even more grinding and more boring.

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