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A world with peace and tranquility is a dream of God.Our itty bitty space would be the heaven on earth if we,the people are righteous.But how this cute tiny planet turned out to be the worst nightmare of God?No day pops out without even a single crime or invasions.We isolate ourselves by mending walls outside as well as inside.Spreading hate is a rapid process sometimes it is too fatal than our sweet, wrath enemy corona.Anyway this emotion has started to mixing up with the blood of all.The boundaries that we deliberately made,one day bombards and I mean it.We’ve already seen examples as this is the 75th anniversary of the world’s monstrous tragedy and I don’t want to write it more.The bloodsheds and cold blooded crimes just for a supremacy remarks the wild ones who are ruling our souls.Declaring wars and forming alliances to make out the destruction of enemies and thereby questioning our own human existence.Can human be so aggressive?Yes..They can.

I’m hoping a petition filed by God soon come down to earth and charge arrest warrant for all who don’t dare to go beyond their boundaries.Or else Sadako’s thousand paper cranes will break out again.Not just Sadako many more victims are on the edge but again we won’t dare to shut the door against war.Tomorrow it can be anyone its just that whether it’s you or me.

Published by Grudging Fret

Here's an abyss filled with unexpressed creativity and infinite tragedic myths that could turn up into a hurricane.

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