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Let them flap first

Its becoming a trend to invent ATM machines from children.Once a child is born they are made to fly high with all the stresses that they should be inherited.Often parents have the conviction if their child gains wealth everything is alright so from tender age they start to inhibit their dreams on child’s mind and teach that money overpowers the world.MONEY IS EVERYTHING! then what’s the true essence of life? Its one of the most asked questions on earth.Each day we live as per some routine and no one really don’t know what’s the purpose.If our children are living beings,then teach them that the love is the taste of life.At least they’ll get to know that learning something from books and spreading it over on answer sheets is not gonna do anything with life.All our qualifications become obsolete if the life ain’t dissolved in love.Hoping our world don’t get reserved by ATM machines instead let it be filled with love and compassion.

What our children wish,they’ll become.But everyone know that this is not always same for all.Children are always the same what they wish they should get it or you are gonna see the hell on earth.Whatever it is,can’t we just allow them to choose their own streams?They ain’t robots so they can have their own decision but often parents pressurise children to make it out.They ain’t pressure cookers so they can live in tranquility.Its upto their desire so let them follow their hearts.A bird first flaps then it flies.If the flapping is perfect then they seek heights.The mantra of life is just transparent as that if you are dare to flap with resilience then naturally it would take one to the golden heights of Everest.The kids are little stars on earth,from which innovations sprout out.

Published by Grudging Fret

Here's an abyss filled with unexpressed creativity and infinite tragedic myths that could turn up into a hurricane.

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