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Ignorance,a path to obstinate society


Psychopaths are not born but made.A remarkable role played by Joaquin Phoenix in ‘JOKER’ reveals out a society where people writes a man off as obnoxious and intolerable.No one ready to put their legs on this man’s shoes.Each one’s mental trauma is a factor which decides the existence of a healthy society.What happens if ignorance exceeds the last band?We the beautiful creation of Almighty ignoring ones who are underestimated and sprouting out with zilch humanity thereby induced as wild creatures!

Humanity and compassion are the basic qualities that one should be inherited with.If it is not been up to the right track,the society account for it through psychokillers.Yes we made them!The entire humanity frozen up , the earth hiring some to teach a lesson for us and they are psychopaths.We are not living in myths or a parallel world what we can do is to get each others back.We have no idea what’s the condition a man is going through.Have time to get on to others shoes.Everyone on this planet have the right to live their life to fullest.Mother Earth is not an atrocious.Before her,we all are the same and that’s why we are HOMO SAPIENS!

Published by Grudging Fret

Here's an abyss filled with unexpressed creativity and infinite tragedic myths that could turn up into a hurricane.

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