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Why smile is so magical?

Beauty lies in happiness😊

Twinkling stars are just on their faces.

Among all the living beings,humans are blessed with a natural magic curve on their face known as smile🙂.Either you turn up that curve or you keep it as such,it’s up to you.This one curve,carved out from an unknown magician in the world can do wonders.Not only because this makes one beautiful but also it cures the hatred among us.Wonder how?Well you can fake it thereby congrats! you spoiled something elegant!!

Isn’t it feel so cruel,guyz?

You don’t need to go anywhere to seek the pure beauty if you can just put on a curve on your face,which worth trillions! Sometimes you don’t need to say sorry,all you do is just put on a curve;simplest language in the world.Oh ya… everything is alright..

We do have a special place in our heart for our love ones, don’t we?but you don’t need to show up that just get a sec to put on this curve by the way never hide it.

Published by Grudging Fret

Here's an abyss filled with unexpressed creativity and infinite tragedic myths that could turn up into a hurricane.

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