We are Strangers(poem)

I see you in my heart
a little of melancholy,it drops
here, I crave for kisses
there,you crave for love
day and night,we ought
where eyes don’t witness this burning crush
Fate, it’s toxic for us
drowning me to abyss
and knots the tie of tears
in the air..

Though, love flutters
seeking for couples
Oh! Poor love
you are blind,
here we eaten by terrible fate!
‘Stay’I say but futile
like a fake word
That quenchless thirst is gone now
there we both, strangers!
Strangest strangers among all!

just some random thoughts 🙃

Second Chances;Is it hard?

The most expected and daily customers of life are mistakes.Sometimes it’s on purpose and sometimes we never know.As a matter of fact,it dwells within each of us and expel to the air which others intake.I admit,I’ve injected many toxic particles in that air but I’m remorsed now.Someone said “love is in the air ”maybe that’s why we spit mistakes into it and often becomes the root cause of bond breaking.I never know to what extend my mistakes would lead the person to break their heart especially when it has sharp edges that can poke.

I wish….If I had a second chance 😣

What if I get a time machine and rewind the past,change my decisions??I know it isn’t possible.So what I need is a second chance,which reflects the sins I’ve committed and rectify it.

Second Chances….So easy to say but definitely not simple as it spells.It can do wonders if we have the heart to pardon.Don’t know how this gonna transform a person.I’m a person who give second chances to people but they dare to smack again then ‘second‘ will be the last number as per my mathematics.

Yes, second chances are hard to give like plucking your heart and see it bleeding then fix it back again.But nothing equalize to the pain you have suffered once.

I wish to know your views and opinions about Second Chances.If you feel don’t forget to drop it in the comments ☺️🤗

A psychological game

We all swaying in a flow of water,not for certain where it ends.We meet many in this flow,will our acquaintance persist?If it is,then the game starts..

In my opinion,the root of the world’s best psychological game arises from our own tongue.(don’t think I’m crazy😂).Did you get that,hey you??Wonder,how your tongue becomes a psychological game?

Yes.I mean it.Our tongue has a magical and mysterical power to change one’s mind by making an impact on them.We say,they hear,they think,they judge,they act.The very idea of motivational speaking is a perfect example how a tongue doing miracles but for some like me,never mind at all😁😂.But it’s not what I’m gonna put here.The impact others make in our life is something astronomical.Some comes to our life and changes our life which we would never expect but all processes are very dynamic,my dear.The good saplings that others put in our life does a transformation unknowingly.These psychological games play an inevitable part in the future of a mentally prepared society.But what if these powers are used by a grinch?We never know how worse would be the impact.

Remember,you have something special in your mouth that can carve out a Ruby worth thing.Never misuse it.Let’s play this psychological game ethically and dutifully.If you don’t mind,can you just look back at the highlighted sentence in the picture I inserted 😊?

Don’t know when (poem)

Hy folks.This is my first poetry attempt.I found poetic language too tough and often bewildering.This is just a self reflection of my mistakes.Kindly forgive my flaws🙏🤗.

Don’t know when it began
It dwells within me now
A feeling worth a tapoz
Is that you, my love?
No,you aren’t my love
You are as fragile as con promise
You are as filthy as liar’s tongue
You wounded me with perpetual bruises
But you are sweet though

You were the hydrogen
And I oxygen
We blended to and fro
Water,we wished for
Despite of our futile bond
You cared for me
And to me,a closed portrait you were
You seeked the abyss in my heart where none ever
You were the chthonic masterpiece
For I never fathom
I,a clueless creature blindly fluttering with you
Where did you go wrong,my love?
I eagerly step on to your dark mirror
For I need the old you
The old feels the best
Please come back, my Romeo..

This is insane🥴😵

I’ve been through the gates of hell but couldn’t fathom where I was wrong.I found myself forced by the gravity of uncanny and spooky waves.It flashed out the most painful & jeopardizing hour.I was living my life sumptuously and see me now,here,in this dark abyss where daylight is just a memory and darkness gluttonously swallowing me.

I could hardly heed the lullabies of my mother,I could hardly see the toddling me,I could hardly see the first steps to school,I could hardly feel the solitude of first day in school,I could hardly see the achievements,I could hardly see everything but……

I clearly see the real mini-me now.I see my sins who were just timekillers,I thought.I realized that there’s some place far beyond death that gonna really count everything.Is this even reliable?No,let it be a nightmare…I wish

Nothing can change the past.

I wish to visit my past again to correct my mistakes,to endeavour my goals,to have time with my loved ones,to know where did I lost and to realize everything.But nothing can take me there,no one can and nowhere I go to back up my splendid life I lived.Sometimes I like to go back to my infancy.That tiny little baby who conquered the admiration of everyone and enjoyed the life with no anxiety or stress.Sometimes I used to think if I’ve studied hard for the exam,I would have scored good marks but now I can’t do anything about it.So I sit somewhere alone and sob.Is that the right way to conceal it?If I didn’t get good marks,I didn’t that’s all.What I do next is to work hard and crack it for the next time.If I had a time machine no doubt in topping the exam again is that a right way?I’m cheating on myself.Anyway that’s not possible in reality.
“Yesterday is a history.Tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift that’s why it’s called present.”
The most beautiful gift on earth is this moment.The moment you live now.It’s a magical weapon that you can use to construct you future with everlasting concrete,cement and pillars.
Always be alert,you can rewind your flick LIFE that you’re playing now.It goes where it goes,wanders all along the mountains,valleys,skies,trees,thorns better not to fall in abyss unless or until it covers the last lap.It’s in your hand.
Live in the moment!

What gaps teach us..

What’s your idea about a friendship?Love to infinity and beyond,be there when in need,uplift each other,sometimes a honey tongue also requires,joke and lol…but it’s far beyond that.We never hated a person who we never loved.In friendship too,sometimes those trivial fights and unnecessary arguments are kinda needed.It doesn’t mean to break our bonds but concretes the relation even more.Because it creates gap,where we miss them & have the sense how much they’re needed in our life.Those gaps reveals the truth our life without our friend is bitterful.

Once I fought with my bestie because I felt that she binged on to a newcomer girl than me.Since I’m possessive by nature,I started quarreling with her for no reason.At last,we ended up with goodbye & promised we would never talk each other.I made up my mind too not to talk.Later,I found it hard to be without her & that was the time I realized how much she meant to me.In those gaps,I couldn’t construct a world without her.Eventually I apologized her and I was suprised by her reply.She told “I knew you would come back to me.I just pranked on you by fighting.I can’t loose a friend like you.I just waited how far y’ll go & you lost…”I was blown away.I didn’t know that she had a luxurious place in her heart for me.Then we hugged each other & I was so sorry about my misunderstanding.This is the part where friendship fights becomes the most cutest thing to have.Sometimes it can be appalling but most of the times it refreshes & strengthen the foundations.So we should realize our relation in those gaps..

The Liebster Award

I’m very much delighted and honoured to have this prestigious Liebster Award.Still I’m totally unaware of the fact that how did I make this!!

My heartfelt gratitude to Akshita Bansal,who found the authenticity in my writing and thereby nominated me for this award.Dear Akshita,I’m astonished when that notification hit my phone.It’s like the best of compliments I ever got.To all who are reading this,please do have a check on her site & I’m pretty sure it worth a shot.I think,she is a blogger who penetrates the spirit of confidence and courage to her readers by her inspirational posts.Click here to explore her optimistic words!! https://myunspokenthoughts2.wordpress.com


1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. Share 11 facts about yourself.
3. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
4. Nominate the 11 bloggers and make them happy..!
5. Make upto 11 questions and ask them to your nominees.
6. Notify your 11 nominees.

11 facts about me!

1.I have an ear piercing laughter.

My friends often say please don’t joke with her for you own sake.I might burst out laughing and damn sure you can’t tolerate it.

2.I’m a sluggish person

I’m very slow in dealing with everything except eating.Anyway I guess I’m having a rigorous improvement & hoping for the best.

3.I’m obsessed with dresses

Fashion is a necessary thing but in my case it’s something more important than breathing.I’m very experienced in receiving curses of salesmen.I make them put on all stuff there and finally drop the very idea of purchasing it.I feel those vibrations through my body when I see a textile showroom.

4.I’m a movie maniac

For me,movies aren’t just a timekiller.It influences and sometimes plays a major role in our decisions too.Social dramas & worthy watch flicks are encouraged across the world.

5.I’m terrified of cockroaches🤭

This may sound funny for you but it’s a fact.If I see a cockroach flinch,then I start screaming as hell no matter if it’s a mile away from me.I’m still trying to get rid off this disorder(don’t laugh,okay?)

6.I’m an ardent fan of Adele

I don’t know whether this can be listed here.But I just want to ponder how much her voice calms my soul.It’s something I can’t express with words.My favourite songs are:

  • Hello
  • Someone like you
  • When we were Young
  • Skyfall
  • Million years

7.I’m very fond of crime novels

It’s something which triggers curiosity in me.

8.I’m so concern about my

I hate when someone touches my hair.I don’t wanna my hair to fall off.I contemplate the beauty of my own hair for hours😅.

9.I’m a good secret keeper

My friends often share their secrets to me and they’re very much comfortable with me.(I’m not boasting 😁)

10.I’m a good annoyer(sometimes)

I love to annoy my brother and friends so much.It’s kinda fun to distract your loved ones, isn’t it?

11.I’m just 17!!

I think in this WordPress community,most of you have the misconception that I’m a grown up.So I take this opportunity to reveal this truth.I’m still learning to transform into a matured being… Hoping y’all be there to guide🥰🤗me!!

Akshita’s questions are:


Actually there should not be any limits if we dare to gain the determination & courage to stand with our dreams.As a human being,sometimes I lack the strong determination to pursue it.But we all must have the passion & reselience to strive for our goals


So far no.I try not to do so.


Ignorance.In my opinion,we are not to avoid anyone who cares for us. It’s a sin.It’s one of the most painful thing in the world.How much we feel hurt when we are ignored by our loved ones?So let’s all work hand in hand.Together we blooms..


Actually,nothing😂I just woke up today by hearing all the curses of mom.She was blaming on me because I got up late.I think we all living in a flow of water, eventually we get sedimented one day.


Of course,family.It’s a heaven where my goals start to blossom. Without them nothing is possible for me.


When my hard work doesn’t reach up as I intended.I felt this some days back😣


Over addiction to mobile phones,I get distracted very much.I’m hoping by switching it off can somehow strive back my real passion..


Definitely,no man is perfect.So why can’t we give second chances.We are human beings & we do make mistakes.It’s the humanity and compassion in us makes us a human.So no doubt in giving second chances..


It’s such a bewildering question.There are so many things.I’m learning to being a good listener.I stick to talking rather than listening.It’s something needed to be changed. Hoping I can make it.

I just wanna put on my opinions & ideas.If someome find it helpful that’s the best thing I can ever do.I wish to write so.


Same as above

My nominations are:












My questions are same as above.Please pardon me as I’m not good in preparing questionnaires.

Once again,a big THANK YOU to Akshita!!

We do need help!

I’ve read a book today.The book which intrigued me from the blurb itself & I was really into this because the theme was a socio-relevant one.I’m pretty sure most of you have already watched.It is streaming on Netflix titled in the same name“13 Reasons why“.But this is not a review,I just felt few things about it,the trauma.

Hannah Baker,a teenage girl commits suicide and why she did is a mystery.The story goes on with some tapes in which she recorded her audio and specifically it says 13 reasons behind her death.If you’re hearing to this,then you’re one of the reasons why.Don’t worry.Anyway I’m not gonna narrate the whole story.I just want to ponder the traumas that a typical teenager is going through and how to slay it.

Sometimes we keep on sticking to ourselves.We don’t let others to our space and that’s how it should be.We do have our own spaces.But what if we can’t handle ourselves?What if our depressions exceeds our limit?What if we find no way to cure?We must seek our trustworthy ones.But often find it hard to smack.Again we do try.

What I was going to convey is simple.Let’s not have that “over-confidence“that we can manage everything in person.We need assistance not always but at least once in lifetime.No one has ever live his life without any help.If he did then he must be any Alien or Avenger.Even avenger needed help too.Right?They united to smash away Thanos.

I just thought if I were in Hannah’s shoes, definitely I go for someone who listens so that I’ll be devoid of my stress.Not utterly but at least partially.A typical teenager can’t meet up the ends his/her own.That’s the fact.That’s exactly what the author conveys.They need good listeners,parents,teachers.All should work hand in hand to reciprocate their depressions in the accurate way.I wrote about suicide trauma few days back but after reading this book.I was in quest to acknowledge everyone who read this.We don’t want any other teenagers who end up like Hannah!

Wishing you the best days ahead..

A conversation between earth and mars

After centuries,human beings started to invade MARS for their survival..

Earth:I’ve carried all of them for years.I’ve tolerated every injustified acts and aggressive battles.But they went on wreckling me,tearing me to pieces,choking,dripping down to death.

(silently sobbing)

Their rage got expired on me.Now they are coming for you..

Mars:Oh my friend,they all the same.Nothing can change them.I’m afraid now the count down is on me and I can hear its echo so dreadfully binding my air.Eventually my demise.

Earth:Even though they exploited me I can never leave them,my kids.No mother can leave their children stranded even if they are ungrateful.The pain of her heart is perpetual and unconditional.Now they are away after their use.

Mars:Don’t worry my friend,they will never understand you after all.They cared for nothing except for themselves.They just used you for their own domination.They polluted you,stabbed you,murdered you to bleed,cracking all your bones,edges, and finally put you alone in an abysmal where solitude kills you to the final step.

Earth:I don’t know where did my children go wrong.I was there whenever they are in need,gave them shelter,food,water,everything they asked for.Why didn’t they see me shedding tears,hear me screaming,touch my swelling injuries?Maybe greed would have made them blind.My friend,please tell me where they went wrong?

Mars:I’ve been witnessing all the discriminations for decades.They were quenchlessly beating you down for supremacy.All they wanted was money.For that,they constructed factories,made unethical inventions,thrown plastics on your divine soil,boosted your air with poisons.Now it’s my turn.Wait and watch me slaughtered.For them,the eternal greed persist.

Earth:Let them do whatever they can.Let’s be quiet.We are meant to tolerate and it’s our duty to provide safety inhabitation for them.Eventually they realize how much I valued them.

(both crying)

My children,the eye of my apple. Please come back. Your mother is sobbing for you. Maternity’s divine touch is awaiting…

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